Monday, October 11, 2010

Four Loko : To Chug or Not to Chug

I like a Four Loko every now and then but of course there are some idiots out there that decided to try and chug 4 Four Lokos and ended up in the hospital

Four Loko = Energy Drink + 11-13% Alcohol

You can get Fkd up just by SIPPING a Four Loko... no need to chug it.

Besides being extremely dangerous...that's like... 660 calories PER can....

Any way... here is the story --->

Docs: Stay away from alcohol-energy drink hybrid - abc27 News

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  1. Very honest of you to come forth with this, Karmyne. Love your name btw. Do not feel guilty for the past, learn from it, change your behavior, grow spiritually from what you did, but don't feel guilty. Let go of that. As long as we hold on to a past action, or reaction, we can't do good for others today or plant seeds and inspire right now. Let it go, and let God. ( I stole that from @ProDevNetworker on Twitter, it's not mine ). Now your blog is very well done, I like the video thing, and I hope you learn about being sarcastic and funny on my blog. You have been given a rare thing from old Sam - a serious opinion, without my usual sarcastic bent. I can be very smarmy.

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