Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Petite Powerhouse of Talent!

B.Monet comes from a home with a huge family!  She and her 11 siblings were raised in a musical household headed by a songstress and the owner of a successful record label.  She is a multi-talented Miami native preparing to make her mark in the music industry.  I had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with B and find out more about how she plans to dominate the music industry and what other talents she has up her sleeve!

Launa:  How did you come up with your name?

B.Monet:  It was easy to come up with my name. My First name is Bianca-Monet. Many people call me Bee and some people call me Monet. From that alone B.Monet was born.

L:  Could you tell us about your musical background?   Have you always wanted to rap? What inspired you to begin rapping?

B:  My musical background goes to before I was born. I was raised on music. My mother was an R&B artist who used to sing at clubs, parties, and big events that took place at Bayfront Park and Bicentennial Park back in the 80s and the 90s. Her music was played on the local radio stations and her single is still being sold. Now she sings Christian music at our family church. My father was the Executive Producer and Owner of a Record Label Called Buckethead Entertainment. My dad's label was the label of the artist Bishop who dropped the hit single "U Know U Ghetto" that placed on the Billboard Charts and his album was sold Nationally. My dad also worked with people such as J. Little from the Rude Boyz (hit single "It’s Written All Over Your Face") Gerald LeVert, Uncle Luke, Uncle Al, Trick Daddy, Chaos from Grind Mode (hit single "I'm So High”), and many others. Now it’s my turn to move ahead in this rap game and it’s my time to shine! My mother was a singer and my father owned a record label. When I was a child I decided that music would also be my life. My mom put me in private violin lessons when I was 5. From there I grew as a musician. By the time I was 17 and a senior in high school, I was Drum Major/Band Captain in the Marching Band, played a variety of instruments, was president of the Modern Music Masters Honor Society (Tri-M) and I graduated with honors in Music. During this time I also wrote poetry. When I would present my poems people used to say, "Why does all of your poetry sound like rap music?  I met with a group of friends one night and I spit poems I had from my book. Needless to say, they loved it. I took off from there, writing rap music.

L:  Are you working with a label right no?  If so, whom?

B:  I am with a small upcoming independent record label right now called STR8LYKDATT Records located in Goulds.

L:  Would you sign with a major label or would you rather go independent?  Why?

B:  That’s a tough question. I like independent labels because they give the artist more room to be creative. With Major labels you might have to make certain adjustments to fit the mold that they want to create. But major labels have major cash. It’s hard. Who ever has the better overall deal and if I feel like the company is right for me I'll sign on the dotted line; major or independent.

L:  What other talents do you have?

B:  I can act very well. I can dance, I can model (that is a talent) and I play instruments!

L:  What projects are you currently working on?  What is next for you?

B:  I'm working on two mix tapes. My Debut entitled “Parental Advisory: Explicit Content” which is supposed to be dropping in January 2012. The second Mix Tape which is a collaboration with myself and another artist named MadMaxx who is from Florida City called “It Is Over” dropping Mid 2012.

L:  What would be your dream collaboration (What artist are you dying to work with)?

B:  My dream collaboration would definitely have to be The Boss Rick Ross!!! He's the King of Miami I'd love to work with him!

L:  Tell us something interesting about you that your fans may not know:

B:  I dream of owning a chain of music stores that sells instruments and private lessons (like the store I had my very first private lesson in) to keep providing children with a musical outlet since they are taking music programs out of schools.

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Black Girls Killing It Tumblr

My cousin Rushelle in Cali suggested that I submit my photos to this site and I did!!

Check me out --->>> Black Girls Killing It

You can submit photos of yourself or someone you know "killing it" to be featured on this site as well!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Shoes!!

I shouldn't be spending money but...I couldn't help myself!!

I just recently added these peep-toe boots to my collection and I must say that I am in LOVE!!

The mesh cut-out's make them edgy and I LOVE edgy and of course there is a heel for the extra height I so desperately need!

The line is called Miista by Laura Villasenin and it is based in Hackney, London.  You can check out the site here--->>  Miista Shoes!!!

I love these shoes so much that I even did a photo shoot with them on!! Stay tuned for pictures!!

In the meantime, sing the New Shoes song with me! LOL :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heiress to the Fashionista Throne!

Tecarra Rene' King is a upcoming stylist in the Miami Florida area.  She has recently earned her bachelors of science degree in Liberal Studies with a minor in Marketing and a certificate in Retail Management from Florida International University.  Tecarra got her start in fashion at the tender age of ten by dressing up in her mothers vintage dresses, coordinating her mother and grandmothers outfits and putting on fashion shows in her own backyard!  Tecarra keeps busy by writing her own fashion blog and styling local artists in Miami. I’m looking forward to snagging Tecarra so that she can apply her fashion and styling expertise to a few of my photo shoots! 

How did you get your start in fashion styling?

I got my start by styling all of my friends. I was the fly girl in school and everyone would always ask me for fashion advice. I would put looks together for them; pick out jewelry and things like that. I also worked at a retail store in high school so I had easy access to the latest trends. I was in love with everything that fashion meant, and knew I wanted a career in it. I did internships and reached out to people that knew some people, so that I could shadow and work with them.

What do your services include?
TecarraRene Styling Co. was designed to make any Man or Woman feel amazing! I try my best to style all of my clients in things that look great and make them feel great. My services including personal shopping, (wardrobe and gift shopping as well), revamping and organizing closet spaces so that they are more accessible, removing items that are not figure friendly or out dated and replacing them with key pieces that will remain timeless I also do wardrobe styling for all age groups and income brackets.

What type of clients have you worked with in the past?
I have worked with local rappers, career women and men, single mothers and a few models and athletes.

What are your fashion must-haves?
My fashion must-haves are big cocktail rings, skyscraper heels, and anything black. I have so many fashion must-haves how can I choose?

What trends do you see becoming popular for the upcoming fall season?
I think leather will still be a HOT trend, leather dresses, skirts, bags. Another trend that is staying around is color blocking, which if done correctly looks amazing. We will see lots of texture in garments and lots of skirts all lengths this fall. Bold reds will be in this fall i.e. red pants, skirts, bags and prints; especially southwestern prints.

What is your favorite trend of all time?
My favorite trend of all time is the LBD (Little Black Dress).  They are so easily dressed up or down, you can accessorize and just play with texture and color, you can never go wrong with a LBD. 

How do you stay up to date with current trends in the fashion market?
I read several fashion books and magazines. I surf the web least an hour everyday and check in with some of my favorite fashion blogs. I actually just finished reading a book called "Secrets of Stylists: An Insiders’ Guide to Styling the Stars” by Sasha Charnin Morrison. This book is helpful to anyone who wants to break in the business; it’s a great help to me, since I'm working my way up.

Have you ever committed a fashion no-no?
I have always been a fashionista! But I'm sure I've picked some less than stellar choices!

What advice do you have to aspiring stylists and image consultants?
Never give up and pursue your dreams. A well-known stylist by the name of Alisha Crutchfield recently told me to “keep at it and never give up, if this is something that [I] love and am passionate about, it will all work out, sometimes your start is slow."

What are you currently working on right now?  What is the next step for you (career-wise)?
I'm currently working on my image consulting company TecarraRene  Styling Co. and contributing writing for an online publication,The Pub Report .  Look out for Peace.Love.Fashion coming in the near future, (its a surprise!)  I don’t want to give away too many details. 

You can connect with Tecarra on her blog or on Twitter --> @TecarraRene

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Star on the Grind

Chicago born George “Yuall” Harper is a 22-year old rap artist who is ready to take the world by storm. Affiliated with Porter House Music Group; (the label that brought us hip hop group Travis Porter), Yuall makes music that is perfect for the nightclub and has a futuristic vibe to it which he describes as “Futurama”. Currently traveling back and forth from Atlanta and Jacksonville performing and hosting college parties, Yuall took the time to talk to me about his origin, his upcoming plans and most importantly his “Posh”.

Launa: Yuall is a unique name, something you don’t hear every day, how did you come up with it?
Yuall: During the "Crank Dat" era I was the hype at any and every party, school function, club, you name it. I was the king of the party when it came to dancing. A lot of the dances were generic; you did them to every song that had that vibe and it just came naturally to me. Whenever Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat Soulja Boy" came on, I was in there and would always be surrounded by a group of people waiting for the "AHHH YUUUAAALLL" part of the song. Someone made a joke about it by calling me "YUALL" and it stuck. I mean; I'm DAT BOI, YUALL.

L: Where are you from?
Y: Originally from Chicago and moved to Atlanta in High School.

L: Ok, and where are you located now?
Y: I travel a lot between Atlanta and Jacksonville, FL.

L: What inspired you to begin a career in music?
Y: My father, he was killed when I was sixteen. Prior to his murder, he began Carbonari Record Company in Chicago. He loved music just as much as I do; I wanted to carry on the legacy. He truly inspired my musical ambitions.

L: If you had to describe your sound in one word what would it be?
Y: Futurama; I make music for an audience who enjoys the club scene. My music tends to place you in a futuristic, FUTURAMA rather, vibe. It’s that simple.

L: Are you currently working with a label?
Y: Not yet signed, but affiliated with Porter House Music Group -Travis Porter.

L: How did you link up with Porter House Music Group?
Y: I met them prior to stardom through my cousin but my best friend introduced us on the “music tip” (for lack of a better phrase). I ended up building a relationship with their management: Al and DLeaks, and it took off from there.

L: What would you say sets you apart from other artists in the industry?
Y: MY posh. Keyword, MY - because I'm sure other artists may be compared but I'm simply different. I make music worthy of the crowd without all the extra sexual and violent content or innuendo. I'm just doing me, grinding.

L: I see the use of the term "Posh" blowing up on Twitter due to your new single, how did you come up with that term and what does it mean?
Y: The term originated during an ooVoo conversation with DMV artist TopDolla. POSH means a variety of things; it’s more of a lifestyle than anything. POSH is elegant, fashionable, and exclusive - we use it in the same sense, simply replacing the term 'swag' with POSH; it’s an upgrade.

L: What artists inspire you?
Y: I honestly can’t be specific. I kind of just come off the dome with my style of music and my flow.

L: Would you be interested in making music in other genres besides hip-hop? If so, what?
Y: Hell yea, POP! Just to expand to a different crowd or audience.

L: What's next for you (what upcoming projects are you working on)?
Y: I have a mix tape dropping this fall entitled “Posh&Tats”, so look out for that. I'm working on a video for my new single "I Got Posh", and I'm also working on my third mix tape, "Futurama Cartune" featuring Spaceman Kelo.

L: Do you do shows? How would you describe your daily schedule?
Y: Yes I do, and my motto regarding that is "Cut The Check". My daily schedule consists of school and promoting, (I host college parties in Jacksonville, Florida). I go to the studio in between. I've done one tour thus far. Shows? Those are spontaneous! I've done as many as four shows a month considering my academic schedule.

L: Do you plan on doing any shows in Miami?
Y: We're working on a show this up and coming school year with Barry University. For any other bookings or inquires, my manager, Ron Jernigan, can be contacted at (904) 924-4634.

L: What advice would you give up coming artists trying to make it in the industry?
Y: Grind, grind, grind, and grind harder. Take everything you do serious. Feel your own music, because if you feel yourself - everyone else has no choice BUT to feel you.

You can follow Yuall on Twitter @DATBOIYUALL &@PoshSavages
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Self-Made Men: Nightlife Edition

Shantell R. Wilson a.k.a. “Zues” was born in the Bronx, New York on January 2nd, 1986 and is the oldest of eight siblings. He received his Bachelors of Science in Food and Beverage Management from Johnson and Wales University in North Miami. Zues is the President of Party Entertainment Group (PEG), which is a promotional company that caters to Miami nightlife. Many people assume that all a promoter does is party, but there is far more to promotions than club hopping every night. Zues took a break from the nightlife to sit down with me and discuss some of the hard work that goes into becoming a successful promotions company, his goals and things that he likes to do when he isn’t on the beach partying it up!

Check out the interview below!!

Launa: What does your company do? 

Zues: Party Entertainment Group (PEG) is a promotional company that caters to Miami’s upscale clientele. Our clients experience phenomenal V.I.P amenities and events, in a high societal atmosphere. PEG hosts nightly events with featured celebrities and public icons. The PEG experience represents its core mission of finesse and exotic lifestyle all in a professional atmosphere. 

L: What is your role? 

Z: As president of PEG, I assist the CEO, in making sure all of our promoters have all the tools they need to ensure their job is done within expectation or greater. I make sure that we stay informed with upcoming events in Miami and come up with ways to improve our employees and company as a whole. 

L: How many people do you work with? 

Z: I work with 10 people. 

L: How did you get started and what was your motivation to begin this company?
Z: Long story short: When I was only just promoting; I would observe how much people would come to Miami and spend! I observed how important it was to be the liaison between the people I know and the nightlife, from orchestrating birthday parties, to a girl’s night out to after-party celebrations. I thought “Why give everyone one else the profit and I keep a percentage, when I can make the profit and give someone else the percentage? We started by registering our company name on, and making business cards. Then we changed our guest list into the company name so that our company started getting full recognition, this way we were recognized as an entity or brand and not an individual. From here we just made sure we exceeded expectations at each club seven days a week and hosted our guests for better return rates. Then, we began to put money aside each week to do bigger things.

L: What keeps you going when times are tough (when business isn't booming)?
Z: We start implementing our ideas and strategies into play, whether it is incentives for our local followers, marketing strategies, or we cut expenses in some areas, etc.

L: What are your ultimate goals for yourself?
Z: To work the long days and hard hours now so that when I hit the age of 40, I can work 3 days and enjoy life while I still have the strength to do so. 

L: What are your ultimate goals for PEG?
Z: The only goal any company should have initially is to first succeed and make it past that rough 1-2 years, and then grow, and accomplish what you envisioned because once you start a business or company, the only way to go is up. Our ultimate goal is to just to be the best and to grow; like “Microsoft”, always growing, expanding, and staying on top.

L: What do you like to do in your free time?
Z: On my spare time I love to cook, go bowling and write; all of these things ease my mind.

L: What can we look forward from you in the future and what upcoming events/projects are you /your company working on?
Z: There are much plans and great expectations set for Labor Day weekend, and New Years. Also for those who don’t know, we work very closely with the 400 Club, and we host our own parties every Sunday at Dream Night Club.

I also discovered that Zues is a writer and he posts blogs every week on his website
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Zues & I at Club Bed

Monday, August 1, 2011

Networking at Santo at the Village at Gulfstream Park

I'm trying to get back into the game so my homegirls and I went networking at Santo in Gulfstream. We had an overall good time for it being a Wednesday night and I made a lot of great contacts. Ready for what the future will unfold. Only God knows. #Babysteps

The club was really nice. Here's the website if you want to check it out: Santo